Boiler and Furnace Repair                       LETS GET IT FIXED!!!

Heating Service for your furnace and boiler.

FLO Mechanical Solutions provides heating repairs to all brands of oil boilers and furnaces, natural gas and propane fired boilers and furnaces, as well as annual cleanings and upgrades.

Unforeseen heating repairs can be costly, however, many times they can be avoided simply by having your heating system serviced annually and catch many boiler and furnace issues before they happen.

Before You Call

Before calling FLO Mechanical Solutions for your heating repairs, and unnecessary and sometimes costly service charges have you done the following?

  • Checked to see if you have any fault usually indicated by a blinking light?
  • Checked that the stairway switch is in the “on” position?
  • Checked the switch on the boiler or furnace is in the “on” position?
  • Checked your breaker or fuse panel to be sure power is not tripped?
  • Checked that your thermostat batteries are good?
  • Checked that your thermostat is in “heat” mode?
  • Checked that your thermostat is “calling for heat” and the temp setting is higher than the actual room temp?

If all of these check out, you likely require a heating repair professional to investigate further.

Pressing the RED RESET button for you boiler?

If your heating system is “tripping” and you are pressing the RED reset button to attempt to restart the heating system, PLEASE only press the RED reset button 2 times!

Multiple pressing of the Red reset button can allow unburned fuel to sit in the boiler or furnace combustion chamber. Excess amounts of unburned fuel can create a dangerous situation once ignited and heating system damage.

If the heating system will not start or stay running you should call heating repair professional to service the heating system.