Ductless Mini-Split/Ductless-split Repair & Install Salt lake Valley

Ductless Mini- Split Repairs in the salt lake valley

Ductless Split are more and more  becoming the go to when looking for air conditioning in finished spaces i.e. basement, older homes, or add ons. Whether its at work or in your garage the ductless split will deliver cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter. So when looking for alternatives to you cooling needs look to FLO Mechanical Solutions for you ductless split needs.

You typically don’t have to many issues with your ductless split. If you maintain your ductless split with proper maintenance then you equipment should not give you any issues. But occasionally it will and when it does please reach out to FLO Mechanical Solutions for to service and repair your ductless split. Are technicians are

Ductless split  indoor unit is running, but not blowing cold air – the most common reason for this is a clogged filter. If you’ve replaced your filter on your ductless split and your unit is still not cooling, look to see if you have ice build up. If you do then shut it off the ductless split till the ice melts then turn it back on. This most often then not fixes the problem. You can call FLO Mechanical Solutions to help we can have a technician come out and help troubleshoot and repair you ductless split anywhere in the Salt lake valley.

The outdoor unit on to you ductless split is not working properly – there are a number of things that could potentially go wrong with the outdoor unit:


  • The breaker is tripped
  • The condenser fan motor isn’t running
  • The compressor may stop running
  • Your refrigerant level might be low
  • The unit makes a loud humming noise


When looking for new install or to replace your Ductless split Look to FLO Mechanica Solutions.

We replace and install ductless mini-split systems. We handle all brands to allow you choose the best one for your needs.

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